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Nabi® Water

€ 69.00

Nabi Water® is the computerized device with the Nabimed® method, which transmits its own frequency capable of energizing water (and liquids in general) in a natural way.


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How does it work

Nabi® Water emits its own vibration, or wave frequency, like a sort of language of electromagnetic fields (nothing electronic or chemical), which interacts with the memory of the water, going to benefit on our physical and emotional state.

Description of the product

Nabi® Water, and face the day with renewed vitality! Nabi® Water must not be inserted in water or food, just place it for a few seconds outside the container, be it a bottle, a plate, a watering can, or the bowl of your best four-legged friend. Inside the package there are 2 Nabi® Water, which can be used separately: you can keep one at home, and always bring the other with you during the day, or give it to a friend. Nabi® Water does not expire.