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Nabi® Sol

€ 79.00

Nabi® Sol is patent pending patent, computerized with the Nabimed method, able to relieve the pain caused by many pathologies affecting the foot such as hallux valgus, metatarsalgia, heel, fasciitis, heel spur or Morton's neuroma


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How does it work

The Nabi® Sol plantar adhesive, with its 8 stimulation points, creates a series of neuromuscular interconnections that relieve foot problems by restoring a correct postural factor and immediately reducing pain

Description of the product

Nabi® Sol is presented as a pair of extremely versatile thin adhesives as they adapt to any footwear (shoe, sandal, slipper). Once the protective flaps on the back have been removed, they must be applied to the inner insoles of the shoe, exactly under the hollow of the foot. Finally, remove the surface protective film. Nabi® Sol does not expire