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Nabi® Power

€ 69.00

Nabi® Power is the computerized device with the Nabimed® method that can increase your sports performance in a natural way, without the use of chemical or electrical substances.


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How does it work

Nabi® Power emits its own vibration, or wave frequency, like a sort of language of electromagnetic fields, which goes to interact with our body, and which activates automatically when it perceives that the energy is falling, allowing the athlete a greater and more lasting effort.

Description of the product

Overcome your limits with Nabi® Power The package contains two Nabi® Power that must be positioned, through an adhesive, under the inner insole of the shoes (both right and left), in the center of the heel. Nabi® Power can be used in all sports fields, from running to cycling, from snowboarding to tennis. Also suitable for those who work on their feet or carry out strenuous and constantly moving activities. Nabi® Power has no expiration date.