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Nabi® Calm

€ 69.00

Nabi® Calm is the computerized device with the Nabimed method able to act positively on the energy flows of the body, immediately releasing calm and relaxation. Suitable for those who feel stressed, nervous or anxious, or for those suffering from insomnia.


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How does it work

Nabi® Calm emits its own vibration, or wave frequency, like a sort of language of electromagnetic fields, which interacts with our body, and which allows us to free it from physical and psychic tensions in a natural way.

Description of the product

Find calm and relaxation with Nabi® Calm! Place Nabi® Calm under the bed pillow, use it as a pendant to wear during the day (thanks to two practical holes with which it is equipped) or simply keep it in your pocket. If you carry out activities such as meditation, yoga or pilates, place it on the mat for better concentration. Nabi® Calm does not expire